Cigarettes on Indian reservations

Cigarettes on Indian reservations

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Same here in Florida

By generationgray

With increased tobacco taxes in Florida, state has clamped down on indian reservation opportunities. Taxes are going up again in a few months.
My sister smoked for 47 years and had an ever increasing difficult time buying cigarettes. So, I got here one of these electronic cigarettes. It's amazing. She says it's exactly like smoking a cigarette but it has no chemicals in it and it's less than half the cost of cigarettes.
You might want to give one a try. I did a ton of research on them if you'd like to know, I'd be glad to share.

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The calm before the smoke storm  — Bangkok Post
However, BAT's return to the country is not going to be an easy task as it faces an uneasy coexistence among players in a thriving black market of duty-free cigarettes and renewed efforts by the Ministry of Health to enforce existing anti-tobacco laws ..

Taxing times for the country  — This is Somerset
In England at the time almost everything was taxed – bricks, windows, fireplaces, hats, playing cards (that one wasn't repealed until 1960!), candles, brandy and tea being just a few. ..

Matt Butler: Poignant moments hidden behind Eric Bristow bravado in Sports ..  — The Independent
And yes, it has been a stalwart of the festive calendar for sports channels (this year's World Championship starts on Friday), but the main reason it cannot be called a sport is that you can still perform at the highest level with a cigarette on the go ..

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  • Avatar Nick Eley What are the 10 most popular cigarettes in the UK?
    Aug 07, 2010 by Nick Eley | Posted in Beer, Wine & Spirits

    Can someone please tell me the 10 most popular cigarettes in the UK please? If you can provide evidence it would help, if you are just a smoker and know about it yourself please answer as well.

    Thank you.

    • Benson & Hedges
      Lambert & Butler
      Silk Cut

  • Avatar bibek What is the heavy smoking tobacco in UK?
    Feb 20, 2011 by bibek | Posted in Beer, Wine & Spirits

    Smoking kills and other blah are all right, but just want to about a really heavy tobacco with decent price which I can buy from local shop..Thanks.

    • 'Drum' is just one. Average price these days is 4-5pounds for a 25g pouch.
      Avoid any type with 'Gold..' or 'Amber..' in the name for a dark, stronger taste.
      If you're after ready rolled 'straight' cigarettes, go for Embassy, Players, Superkings for the cheap but strong stuff. ;)

  • Avatar Andy What kind of cigarettes are available in canada?
    Apr 25, 2011 by Andy | Posted in Other - Canada

    Im going to canada for a few weeks, and im wondering if canada sells Mayfair Superkings. and if so.. do they call Superkings by something else cause i think i heard somewhere that they do, i just wanne know incase i have to buy them here and take them with me, if they dont sell them, anyone know if Canada sells any other brand of cigarrettes similar?

    • I'm not from Canada, but I am a heavy smoker.

      Canada's Mayfair equivelent are Players, but cigarettes in Canada are slightly cheaper than in the UK so perhaps so you could afford to treat yourself to B&H which are sold in Canada.